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Alkaline Electric Tea


Experience nature’s finest with our curated selection of organic and wildcrafted herbal blends. Elevate your daily rituals with our Alkaline Electric Tea, rich in essential minerals and ancient healing properties

This item: Alkaline Electric Tea
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Here is an idea of some of the herbs we use in our Alkaline Electric Tea. Our herbs are sourced organic or wildcrafted and can change due to availability. There is a blend of 6 alkaline electric herbs in each packet.

Stinging Nettle Leaf In ancient Greek times, the stinging nettle leaf was used mainly as a diuretic and laxative. Now the plant is used for many cures. Illnesses it is used to help treat are cancer and diabetes. Nettle leaf is among the most valuable herbal remedies.

Red Raspberry As its name suggests, raspberry leaf is the leaf of the raspberry plant. It is somewhat well known for its benefits during pregnancy, but it is beneficial to women at all stages of life. It is naturally high in magnesium, potassium, and iron which makes it helpful for nausea, leg cramps, and improving sleep during pregnancy. The specific combination of nutrients in raspberry leaf makes it extremely beneficial for the female reproductive system: helping to eliminate/reduce fibroids. It strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles which some midwives say leads to shorter and easier labor. It is good for overall uterine health.

German Chamomile Herb Calms the central nervous system and heals the brain. German chamomile is used for intestinal gas, travel sickness, stuffy noses, hay fever, nervous diarrhea, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) , fibromyalgia, restlessness, and trouble sleeping. It is also used for digestive system disorders, stomach ulcers, colic, and menstrual cramps

Burdock Root Herb Burdock Root contains a number of medicinal properties that have been used for hundreds of years. Traditionally herbalists all over the world use burdock root as a blood purifier. It is the root of the burdock plant that is harvested for medicinal use. Burdock has been used by herbalists worldwide to treat a variety skin diseases such as abscesses, acne, carbuncles, psoriasis and eczema. Burdock can be either taken alone or combined with other remedies, such as yellow dock and sarsaparilla. Thanks he beneficial effects of this herb includes increasing circulation to the skin and helping to detoxify the epidermal tissues. Burdock Root has been reported to destroy bacteria and fungus cultures. It is a popular detoxifying agent that produces a diuretic effect on the body which aids the filtering of impurities from the bloodstream. By promoting perspiration, burdock root eliminates toxins through the skin by producing a detoxifying effect.

Blue Vervain Calms the central nervous system. Vervain has been useful to herbal healers for many centuries of recorded history. Vervain’s healing properties are attributed primarily to its bitter and stimulating effect on the liver and other organs, as well as its relaxing effect on the nervous system. Blue vervain is a herbal remedy that relieves respiratory and liver congestion, lower fevers, eases coughs and colds, cleanses toxins, calms the nerves and acts as a general tonic that produces an overall feeling of well-being.

We do not claim to be able to cure any diseases with our products. Our Alkaline Electric Tea is an excellent source of iron fluorine and has essential minerals the body needs on a daily basis